Linx DJs is a dynamic team of DJs who specialize in weddings, corporate events,  and other special occasions. With our extensive knowledge of music genres from around the world, we bring the excitement, joy, and unique elements of a high-energy club DJ to the dance floor. Our talented DJs and charismatic MCs will lead the way, transforming your event into a remarkable one-of-a-kind experience that you and your guests won’t soon forget.

Meet The Team


Romeo’s passion for music ignited in the summer of 2013, forever changing his life. Fueling his love for music, he continued to hone his skills for years after that transformative season. He gained experience by rocking school events, graduation parties, weddings, corporate galas, and larger-scale events. He is a master at spinning music genres such as Afrobeats, HipHop, Pop, Dance, and all genres in between. Romeo doesn’t confine himself to any specific genre of music. He prides himself on curating a playlist that caters to the desires of his guests and brides. Romeo will bring the perfect soundtrack to life, delivering unforgettable entertainment experiences.


A seasoned professional in the art of DJing, Brian has seamlessly translated his passion for entertaining into a thriving career. His dedication to being the catalyst for laughter and an orchestrator of good times has solidified his reputation as a maestro in the realm of event entertainment. Brian’s background in the service industry serves as an invaluable asset. From meticulous event planning to the seamless execution of performances, his commitment to excellence ensures that clients are not only entertained but also impeccably cared for throughout the entire event journey.


Born in NYC after his family’s move from the Dominican Republic, started his DJ career in the vibrant Manhattan house party scene. Quickly gaining recognition for his adaptability and ability to energize any crowd, Lu continued honing his DJ skills at top nightclubs and college bars in Pennsylvania. In the summer of 2013, he was even invited to be a guest DJ on WLVR 93.1, the radio show of Lehigh Valley University. Since then, his versatile open format style has made him a highly sought-after DJ, captivating and thrilling audiences with his talent for excitement and engagement.